1808 Market @ The Deer's Head

Walk in the front door at the Deer's Head.  

Turn left, you're in the tavern. But if you follow that aroma of fresh-milled coffee beans and hand-crafted espresso and turn right, you're in the 1808 market, and you're in for a treat.   

Today's Deer's Head Inn features an eclectic local market featuring farm-fresh local  foods and bread, grab-and-go sandwiches, quick fix snacks,  hard-to-source delicacies, fresh baked cookies, and serious coffee. The 1808 market is stocked with those hard to get items you won't find in the big boxes next door.

Housed in the former bar of the Deer's Head, the place has a warm intimacy where you can plug in your laptop and hang at the community table or place a carry-out order at the counter.  The room is also available for private meetings and community events. Want a tin of anchovies or a maple latte to go? We'll see you at the market!